January 17, 2015

TWO NEW POEMS : Come My Love and Live With Me

[Poem No. 1]

Come to me my dearest one,
Into a garden of love and inspiration,
Where flowers bloom in mighty stead
And rivers aglow in sumptuous bed.

I prepare to thee a gown made of gold
That every Queens and princesses are wont to hold
Lined with beads of diamonds and porcelain
And walk among those wondrous lovers’ lane.

There is the elegant swan that dances in beauteous parlance
Unequaled in every move and chalance,
Upon lakes blistering with silver beads
And amongst flying horses in mighty steads.

Come and live with me my love
To the greatest delight and merriment
To thy my heart belongs and thence
To live with thee, and be my love.

[Poem No. 2]

We will embraced the young and faithful love,
In the truthful spoken word by the kind Shepherd,
As we delight in the pleasures of endearment,
To be with you and in forever’s embrace.

Let the rocks tremble and the river surge,
While flowers wither at times, even the green fields,
With soft whisper of a loving heart,
Every longing will be beyond our spheres.

Wear the gown with the silver beads,
And thence dance in the wind with golden gloves,
When rightful moment steadily appears,
Youthful heart and love’s sincere.

Ti’s the ages of endless bliss and wandering,
To many delights that our mind’s desiring,
For these joys will be ours to keep,
And then to live with thee and be my love.