February 07, 2006

Two Dreams

These dreams tell some stories like they are short stories wanting so much to convey some messages. I bet the messages are uplifting, enlightening and joyful all at once.

I had a couple of dreams about two months ago that I thought I should put into writing and recreate the images in my mind, as I have always been doing in the near past. You see, I have this fondness for jotting down the things that happened in my mind while I am asleep because some of these dreams tell some stories like they were a play on their own---as vivid as they were and as intense and exhilarating that I seem to gasp for breath every time I awoke from those dreams.

In the first dream, I saw my long departed friend Aziz in my sleep (he died about three years ago after a long bout with kidney failure) as we walked along the sidewalks of Rizal Avenue, an area just near the city hall and merely a spitting distance from Plaza Pershing, the central park of sorts of Zamboanga City. We were walking down the avenue and another friend, Tony, was with us. In a sudden sort of manner, Tony whispered to me whilst he stooped his head near my ears. “Aziz seems to be leaving. Is he really going away?”, Tony asked me in a very hushed tone. I immediately looked towards Aziz’s direction as he was walking a little bit ahead than us and I saw that he had a bulky belt bag circling his torso like he was carrying a lot of things, enough for days and days away from home. He looked like he really was going away towards some far distant location. I then approached Aziz in order to satiate Tony’s question. “Are you really leaving? I asked Aziz. “Tony said that you looked like you are leaving to some faraway land”, I added. Aziz slowly turned his heads towards me and said, “Yes, I am indeed going to a very faraway place but do not worry the two of you for I have a carried a lot of things with me that it would suffice my long stay there”. He said this while he was pointing to the bulky black bags that was surrounding almost half of his body.

And then the dream got transposed into another scene. The next images that came to me in that sleep was Aziz walking towards a field that was the color of gold, like a wheat fields that we see on American movies set upon urban areas in the United States and there were hills and valleys I see in the distance and the sun rays there were so beautiful that the whole place lighted up my emotions and I felt a little exaltation even as I merely recall it in my waking moments later on. (Days after this dream Tony passed by our place and I recounted to him about the things I have seen this particular dream. I said to Tony that the wheat fields reminded me of the Sting song “Fields of Gold” because the whole of it looked so brilliant like gold. Tony asked me to describe it further and I mentioned to him that if he had seen the movie “Gladiator” the place looked exactly like the fields seen there, where Russell Crowe rode a horse along fields the color of which were golden. Tony said that in Roman mythology, such field is called the Elysian Field---a place where the spirits of those who died go. “Oh, that must be where Aziz went. Towards the Elysian Field”, I half-jokingly muttered to Tony. I later on researched about Elysian Fields and found out that the term is actually derived from Greek mythology, as the place where the spirits of the virtuous and heroic goes---a kind of place that is mostly interrelated with Paradise.

And then there was this dream that occurred about two nights after the dream I have first recounted above. In this other dream, I saw a number of my departed relatives and some old people I know in the past. I saw my grandfather Unih there and my grandmother Dayhana and a number of old and departed aunts. There was that aunt who used to make sugar jams that she sold in the market every morning. They were all playing some kind of card games in houses that seemed to be floating above the air and which were connected to one another by suspended wooden bridges. The people I saw there were so silent, not speaking even a single word although their eyes---as they all looked at me---had seemed to speak to me in a muted language. My grandma particularly had that Mona Lisa smile that conversed with me in a thousand words, as if she meaningfully spoke to me through her heart.

I was so amazed at those floating houses that I wanted to inspect and confirm if nothing really supported those structures from below. I could even feel the whole place moving sideways a little as if the houses respond to strong waves of winds that pass by below. My grandpa showed me the whole area and we went into another house, traipsing thru suspended bridges and in that other house I saw the old Chinese man to whom grandpa use to buy sweepstake tickets down at the market area. I used to go with him when I was just a child. The old Chinese man was smiling at me as if telling me that he knows me and for certain, I should remember him from many years ago. I smiled back at him also.

And then I saw another familiar old man, the one who was our neighbor in Sta. Catalina when I was about nine or ten years old. I could not really remember his name except that we called him by the name “Manong”. As children, we used to go to his place, just at the back of the apartment we were living in and we played with his monkey he kept tied near his kitchen’s doorway by throwing some bits of banana at it. He wasn’t smiling so much like the old Chinese man but I know by the way he looked at me; he was such in a fine condition. Then grandpa showed me more of the place; still without muttering a single word. He led me around as if saying that this is the place where they live now and they are happy there. And then as I went along further, I suddenly realized that the place seemed to be familiar to me that I muttered (now loudly) to my grandpa that “I have been here before but the place looked a little different now”. My grandpa just nodded as if saying that I don’t have to tell him that (about me already having been in that place before) and he just smiled. The last moments of this second dream was me looking into the horizon and I saw the smooth contour of an afternoon sea and although the sunlight then wasn’t very bright (for it looked like night was approaching), the sky was so beautiful to my sight and soothing to my heart that it made me completely happy inside. It was a very soothing place, if ever there is a place like that.

These dreams tell some stories like they are short stories wanting so much to convey some messages. I bet the messages are uplifting, enlightening and joyful all at once.