One Fantabolous Night With Mr. Murphy

The thing is almost humming but not quite. It’s like rain on your wedding day, a singer crooned. It’s like a toothache that suddenly gone when you finally reach your dentist’s clinic, humping and sweating from overly agitation. I have some rendezvous with Mr. Murphy yesterday, you know, the one we are on familiar terms with because of some famous universal law. When just I thought we are on, some hindering incident occurred.


This thing is the movement that was in my mind, an initiative to launch a vehicle organization that may possibly channel this desire to serve the drowning men amongst us and impart to the world this “prophecy of our time”. When I thought nothing could go wrong, something did just before the night was over.

I was with Tony Ramos and Russell Tiblani yesterday on a brainstorming session and after a dozen of sample terms on the plate board, we agreed on a simple yet coaxing type of name for the proposed organization. The organization would have been called “Progress for Peace and Relief Organization” or PPRO. It reminds me of logos that read “PROGOD” and “PROGUN” that perhaps the chosen name could ride on the popularity of these two phrases, pasted on many a car back windows.

Our faces shone after we three agreed on the name, and yet I reminded Tony and Russell that the buck does not stopped there; we have a long way to go. So we talked about memberships, project viabilities, initial cost of incorporations, the by laws, and other similar concerns.

Russell went on a business task for a moment when twilight approached and Tony and me went to his Mom’s house for a sumptuous dinner. Eating is such a sublime experience in the Ramos household mainly because of the excellent culinary prowess of Tony’s Mom. We were served the smelliest chicken curry that one could ever find in this part of the world. The Christmas lights were on and the carolers hollered through the cold night wind outside the streets.

After the hearty meal, we proceeded to Russell’s place and we showed him how to navigate through the internet (He was just new to the modern gadget and do not really know how to tinker with it). We discussed a little bit about our initiative’s immediate concerns and Russell mentioned about a viable project wher we could put sour hands into in Sibuco, a southernmost locality of the Zamboanga del Norte Province where he works as a secretary to the mayor of the local government unit there. This was a fine idea Tony agreed considering that the place was just an hour away form the city through the sea route, using a personal speedboat. Both of them were planning to take a trip to Sibuco Sunday morning but they cancelled the excursion due to some unexpected conditions.

Russell mentioned something about a great happening in La Vista del Mar that night and without even pondering whether or not the night has gotten too long for us, we headed to the east coast of the city to check-out some merriment near the sea.

In the days heading towards Christmas Eve, a night market is opened in La Vista, a seaside resort owned by the Lobregat family and a favorite weekend destination for the city inhabitants. As we entered the gates, you could say “Oh, what a night!” The place was lighted all over and the music was all over the place and people were just swarming all over. I have never seen such congregation of nightwalkers in this city ever in my life, except in carnivals and big concerts of major celebrities here. The night was so alive under a cloudless sky, and the moon was half-hanging just over the horizon. We traipsed along the walkways where myriads of commodities were being peddled. At many point, I was gleefully surprised how some items were such a great bargain while on the other hand at one point I was taken aback to be informed by a not-to-eager storekeeper that the ABS-CBN mug cost a couple of hundred bucks. That’s a pricey pot for your coffee I thought. Generally however, the prices of item sin the night market were crazily low that you could see marketers yakking at every item from second-hand pocket books to batik, the stylish and very colorful garments of the ethnic minorities here. There was a copy of Fugitive Nights by Joseph Wambaugh. I wanted to buy it because my copy has tattered cover already and it does not look like a collection material to me anymore. I always mishandle my books often because I read them in bed that they always got thrown at any direction when sleep finally comes to me and my movements become more independent that the books are either thrown or get crumpled by my hands or by my lumbering sleeping body. I did not buy the copy the book after all because there was just no time to think amidst the rush of a maddening crowd.

When we thought we almost scoured every frontier of the night market, we settled on the bayside, sipping some beer near a man-made sea wall.

And as if he knew so much about my present introspection on faith, Russell started querying about the existence of God. I said I believe in the Almighty God, who created all things. The effect of alcohol easily evaporated when I was taken by surprise when he declared to me that in his belief “there is no more consideration of good and evil and that man exist regardless and it is up to man to choose to do good or become evil.” I was even more surprised when he added, “man can be God because man could produce offspring and therefore he is a creator like God”.

I tackled last night’s debate by saying to Russell that to produce a child is not the same as creating a human being; there is a wide gap to both conditions. And besides man could not create many other things. I said further to him that it is blasphemy in many faiths to declare oneself as a God. He answered by clarifying that he meant it merely as a metaphor.

The argument was not as sour as it would sound as we both agreed to disagree.

The night ended while I was thinking whether the differences in our views on faith---especially that of mine and of Rusell’s---would affect the harmony that we direly need in order that our proposed initiative to form an organization would prosper. More minds are always better than one some sages say. On the other hand, some other wise men declare that diversity leads to synergy. I think the problem in this world is that we just have too many wise men when in fact; we only need one—which is Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is sent to the world so that peace and joy would reign forever.

Verily, verily I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God”---the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ, ST. JOHN Chapter 3 and Verse 3.
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