A Great Return To Love

LAST NIGHT, Tony Ramos--my so-called constant companion these days--telephoned me in a seemingly unexpected hour. The phone rang at 10:00 in the evening and Evelyn told me it was Anthony. I ran downstairs thinking it might be some urgent matters that he has to talk about.

It turned out that Russell Tiblani, a common friend from Silliman, was at their house having the usual camaraderie with him (Tony is a computer programmer that a usual visit to his humble nook would mean a lot of DVDs and website talk and new music and program downloads. When we were younger and both unmarried to our respective partners, those hours would mean a lot of computer war games instead).
"So what's the burning matter that you called at this hour?" I asked.

It was not really about any earth-shattering matter at all but I was sure glad Tony called. Tony and Russell was discussing about my recent plans to form a Christian fellowship. Russell is a Moslem and he might not be able to join such religious exercise. So Tony said that if I really have some calling to serve the people, especially the downtrodden amongst us, it might be a good idea to form a Non-Government Organization so that people like Russell could join.

Initially I informed Tony that even with the fellowship, we could take in non-Christians members because it is one of the organization's objectives to encourage harmony and unity among all men. (Please note that I was born a Moslem. Am I still a Moslem now? Am I a Christian already? I believe in Jesus Christ now and in the resurrection of the soul so perhaps you can call me one already. Actually, I do really not want to approach this question now because the changes in my life has been so mind-numbing that I can still feel some symptoms of maladjustment. In my belief, in the eyes of the Lord and in the Kingdom after this life, men and women will be brothers and sisters all without the boundaries and limitations set about by any religious difference. Meaning to say, there will only be one "religion" in the afterlife.)

At the end of our conversation, I agreed with both Tony and Russell that indeed, an NGO is also viable that through this kind of channel, we would be able to help the ones who need a helping hand. We all agreed during last night's mini-teleconference that establishing this kind of endeavor is hardest at first, but I imbibed them that with God's grace on our side, nothing is impossible.

Russell asked for my website URL and he said he was glad he could glance at some of my written works. He said he just arrived from Cebu for a business conference. This guy is so young and yet so upward. He comes from a family of Muslim businessmen that he sure did learn his craft well. Cebu is a place that one wants to go back again and again. The last time I was there was in my short Silliman days, nearly a decade and half ago. Maybe one of these future days, I will go back to that memorable place. So memorable, that the place is like a lost love yearning for a great return.

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  1. Anonymous10:50 AM

    hi i was wondering if you have an email ad of russell tiblani. we were acquaintance in dgte city when he was in college. i would love to say hello to him. i am in connecticut now, or he could email me just in case at becktyson@yahoo. thanks. ton


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