Another Midweek Mass


Yesterday was Wednesday again, a midweek day that beckons to me some liveliness in spirit. One of the reasons on the high of spirits is the Midweek Mass being held in St. Joseph Church at Nunez St., just five blocks away from home. But ever since, Wednesday is such a day of favor for me due to many other countless reasons. In no particular order, here are some reasons. Wednesday is alive because:

  • --When I was working in the government some years ago and at times felt so drowned in the grinding routines of office work---with tons of paperworks and at times with tons of nothingness---Wednesday gives me a bright hope that sooner or later this week will end one way or another.

    --When I lost my job and became a home buddy, Wednesday is the first day of basketball games after non-basketball days of Monday and Tuesday, and from that day, the Philippine Basketball Association games comes every other day. At present, they go three straight days. The ballgames somehow stave off extreme boredom from having nothing to do. Yes, I am a great basketball fan ever since I was in highschool---last night, I was treated with a very well-played game according to Norman Black when the Purefoods Hotdogs stifled off a late run by FEDEX to win by hairline. It was one of those games that was decided by whether the last shot would go in or go out.

    --On Wednesday, the people’s mind seem to be in lightheadedness, not as lightheaded on weekend but I have observed that in this day, people tend to go walking on the streets more than any other day outside the days leading to Sunday, that is, on Friday and Saturday. So on this day, I find myself more incline to go downtown because the streets are livelier with many strollers and walkers filling the sidewalks of Zamboanga.

    --About four years ago, my favorite TV sitcom was aired every Wednesday(now the re-runs are on Monday night). Wonder what this program is? It’s none other than “Friends” with Ross, Joey, Chandler Bing, Rachel, Peebie and Monica. It is always a happy show, just like “Happy Days” with the very young Ron Howard and “Three’s Company” with old Mr. Apple.

    --And when I was so young and so restless—that is, still having a lot of gimmicks with friends from college ---Wednesday was a hint that the weekend is about to come.

    --And lastly, I just like Wednesday for some reason I could not point at. It’s hard to pinpoint what this reasons are, so I’d better give up pointing at all.

And now I have this fancy for Wednesday midweek mass held at the newly refurbish St. Joseph Church. I just felt homely in that place for one because I have been there before on frequent task for my wife, to pay for an offering for the repose of the soul of her father the late Dr. Domingo Calderon. I have been there so often then that I almost knew the cashier there on a name-by-name basis---she was Saling. When I came from Manila two years ago, my life and views greatly changed by the visions of Christ sitting on the throne and throngs of angels hovering behind Him, I always find some moment to sit in the empty caverns of the St. Joseph church, in a time when church-goers are not around, thinking I must pray to the Lord every time I had the chance.

Back then, I wasn’t as comfortable praying in a Christian way but as the days passed, this discomfort with my new faith has slowly become a passing thing. Now, I planned to frequent my midweek mass for the Lord said, “Pray to the Lord God…and love Him with all thy heart, with all thy soul and with all thy mind”. What is a man of faith then if we do not pray in the churches? How am I spiritually awakened if I isolate myself from the Church that Christ had built through Peter? And how could I imbibe others to follow this path towards a spiritual awakening if I lay silent and enclave in my own unwillingness?

In the days to come, I may frequent the regular Sunday masses but the time may still not be at hand. I have been comfortable with St. Joseph because nobody seem to know me there and nobody would be astounded to see me there and the place is not as frequented as other churches. You see, if for reasons you might ask why these things bother me, I have come from a muslim family and it his highly that some problems might arise if relations would see me praying in the churches. There might be some problems.

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